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About Bakudlod

The term “Bakudlod” is a play of the word “Bacolod”, the capital city of Negros Occidental, which is where I’m from. Bakud means ‘firm’ or ‘sturdy’ in Hiligaynon, the main dialect of my province. The term is also commonly used as a response whenever you see something that is cool, awesome, or just stunning. We usually say it like, “Bakud ba!” or “Bakud ah!”.

Okay, enough with the terminologies.

Let’s now talk about me and why I started the site.

Who owns this site

Hi there, my name is Elmer Balbin Jr. and 27 years of age. My friends call me Elmer but my family just calls me JR. I grew up in Bacolod City, studied BSIT in USLS, and became a chirpy web developer. Well, sort of. I left my full-time job in 2019 to focus on building and managing my own websites. Bakudlod is one of them. I now earn a living from advertising revenue, commissions, and requests for sponsored posts. Aside from those, I also make a small amount of income from my personal web hosting service, HostMeCheap!, which is for people who would like to have a site of their own.

LOW-KEY BRAG: To date, I’m very proud to say that I’ve written almost a thousand articles in total since I started blogging back in 2016 ๐Ÿ™‚

Why I started Bakudlod

I started Bakudlod as a replacement to my old blog, The Visayan Blogger, and the reason for that is because due to the way I did things back then, the site code was just messy and unmanageable. So instead of fixing everything, I’ve decided to just build from scratch again. Doesn’t make sense, right? Well, web development doesn’t always make sense lol. But starting over will allow me to implement new coding techniques and standards that I’ve learned throughout the years, without modifying the new site’s code too much.

Despite the name, Bakudlod will not be focused on Bacolod-based content only. There will be articles about different places and topics depending on whatever I feel like writing about.