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2020 Ceres Schedule & Fare: Cebu to Dumaguete / vice versa

Here you can find the Ceres bus schedule from Cebu City to Dumaguete City and vice versa. I used to work in Dumaguete a few years ago as a web development manager before I transferred to Cebu. Nowadays, I only travel there just to meet up with old friends or for other personal reasons. The land trip is also a great way to see the different towns south of Cebu so I highly suggest it for those who are new to the island.

To get across between the island of Cebu and the island of Negros, the bus ride will include a short ferry trip between the ports of Bato, Santander and Tampi, Amlan. The buses are all air-conditioned.


Daily Schedule

Cebu City to Dumaguete
(via Bato-Tampi)
Dumaguete to Cebu City
(via Tampi-Bato)
6:00 AM3:15 AM
7:00 AM4:15 AM
9:00 AM5:45 AM
10:00 AM6:30 AM
(via Sibulan-Liloan)
11:30 AM8:20 AM
1:00 PM9:15 AM
2:00 PM10:15 AM
4:00 PM11:20 AM
5:30 PM2:15 PM
11:00 PM10:30 PM

The bus terminals where the buses will depart and arrive are the Cebu City South Bus Terminal and the Dumaguete City Ceres Terminal. For those who plan to take the last trip from Cebu at 11:00 PM, please get to the bus terminal as early as possible. I once arrived at the terminal at around 8 PM and saw that there was already a small line. The bay where the bus will be waiting is at C11 inside the Cebu South Bus Terminal.

Fare Rates

  • Bus fare: ₱275.00
  • Ferry/Barge boat fare: ₱85.00

The total regular fare is ₱360.00 which includes the bus and ferry fares. There is a discount if you are a student, senior citizen, or a PWD but you must provide a valid I.D. such as your school I.D. or senior citizen I.D.


Travel Time

The total travel time between Cebu and Dumaguete by bus is around 6 hours. This can take longer depending on how long you’ll have to wait for a ferry boat at the Bato or Tampi ports.

Travel Guide

Map Route

Cebu to Dumaguete Bus Route
Cebu to Dumaguete Bus Route


I took this photo at the Dumaguete City Ceres Terminal during one of my visits. I will try to get a new copy whenever I can.

Dumaguete to Cebu and vice versa bus schedule
Dumaguete to Cebu and vice versa bus schedule

Hotel Accommodation

For those looking to stay in Cebu or Dumaguete, check out these discounted deals for hotels and resorts.


The first trip from Cebu to Dumaguete will depart at 6:00 AM with the last trip at 11:00 PM. The bus will depart from the Cebu City South Bus Terminal. If you are traveling from Dumaguete to Cebu, the first trip will depart at 3:15 AM with the last trip at 10:30 PM. The bus will depart from the Dumaguete City Ceres Terminal. The total travel time is 6 hours and the total passenger fare is ₱360.00.

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