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Contact Bakudlod

Personal Inquiries

Unlike before where I would always reply on the same day to every email that I receive, unfortunately, that is no longer possible now. I spend a lot of my time managing my sites, writing content, and working with my freelancers that I barely have time to read all the messages in my inbox. So if you want to contact me about my articles here in Bakudlod, you can still email me at [email protected] but please do not expect a quick response. I hope you understand.


For those looking to advertise on Bakudlod through banners, popups, and sponsored posts, you can contact or email me at [email protected]. Messages not related to advertising that are sent to this address will be deleted.

Guest Posts

I do accept guest posts but I do not publish them for free. I’ve always charged a fixed amount when it comes to guest posts as referral links are valuable. And even if you are willing to pay, I will still have to check the article/s first. If you are interested in guest posting on Bakudlod, please email me for the rates at [email protected].