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Sipalay to Hinobaan: Quick Bus Travel Guide

For those who are new to the city of Sipalay and wish to go to Hinoba-an or Hinobaan, there are buses that can take you there which you can find at the Sipalay City Bus Terminal. I rode one of these buses back when I was traveling to Dumaguete City, passing by the municipalities of Hinobaan and Bayawan.

The buses are owned by Ceres Liner, the biggest bus transportation company in the Visayas region. There are trips from morning to the afternoon.

Sipalay Bus Terminal

Hinobaan-bound buses at the Sipalay City Bus Terminal
Hinobaan-bound buses at the Sipalay City Bus Terminal

The Ceres buses bound for Hinobaan are parked just across Jamont Hotel. To get to the bus terminal, you can just walk there if you are near Poblacion Beach, also known as the public beach. If you are a bit farther away, you can ride a pedicab or even a motor-cab which you can easily hail around the city.

Luckily, I was able to get on an air-conditioned bus. I’m not sure if that is the same case for all of their units though. In regards to the schedule, this was the 2:30 PM trip. There are trips every day.


Bus Fare

The Ceres bus fare from Sipalay City to Hinobaan is ₱41.00. The conductor will be issuing the tickets after the bus leaves the terminal.

Sipalay to Hinobaan Ceres Bus Ticket
Sipalay to Hinobaan Ceres Bus Ticket

Travel Time

The total travel time was 40 minutes. However, it was raining then so it could have traveled a lot faster on a clear and sunny day.

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